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Adam Prough

2018_adamp_sepia2Adam Prough comes to CCC from beautiful Southern California where he served as Worship Pastor at a large church in the Temecula valley. Originally from San Diego Adam grew up in a ministry home with a dad who served as a Worship Pastor and Elder at their church and a Grandfather who pastored from the day he left the military to the day God called him home.

Adam received his degree from Azusa Pacific University where he also found his greatest treasure this side of heaven; his wife Rebecca who would later give him the other 3 amazing earthly treasures in his life, his kids, Audrey, Colin and Jackson! Adam started leading worship when he was 15 and served voluntarily and part time for many years beginning in 1993.

Before answering the call to full ministry Adam was a professional actor, singer and producer having been a part of 2 professional theatre companies, several films and TV shows and even 2 dance companies (we can keep that one between us…). Adam brings over 22 years of Worship Ministry and Arts experience to CCC along with a passion to see Gods people move beyond themselves in worship and encounter The Almighty in ways that can only be explained by the powerful presence of God!

It is my prayer for CCC that we become a people, not focused on what makes us different but rather united in our pursuit of Christ, passionately worshiping and seeking He who is worthy of all praise!

Aside from creating for the Creator, Adam really enjoys time with his family, being with people, traveling (with people), playing golf (with people), sports in general (with people), cooking (with and for people) and adventurous eating (with people)…if ya haven’t picked up on it yet…Adam really likes people! In fact, he has been described as having never known a stranger and has spent years making new friends in supermarket lines and the gas station…even if only for a moment. So if Adam talks to you like he’s known you for a decade even though you’ve just met…don’t freak out…it’s normal! Oh yeah…he’s also a hugger so be forewarned!

Favorite Scripture:
Micah 6/8 (also my favorite time signature)

Favorite Ministry Quote:
“Worship is not a spectator sport…
it is designed for participation so stop watching and engage!”

Favorite Football Team:
Chargers (pro) UCLA (college)

Favorite Baseball Team:
Padres (National League) Yankees (American League)

Favorite Basketball Team:

Favorite Food:
“I pretty much think anyone who’s favorite food isn’t bacon needs counseling.”