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Child Evangelism Fellowship -

Child Evangelism Fellowship -

Jon (Barb) Habegger: Director/Training Coordinator
Tucson, AZ


Child Evangelism Fellowship exists to share the gospel with 5-12 year old children, win them to Christ, disciple them in God's Word, and establish them in a Bible believing church. Children who receive Christ and want to attend church usually go there with the CEF volunteers they've been in contact with. A child's family sometimes becomes involved in church. CEF seeks to share Christ with unevangelized boys and girls. It's believed there are over 100,000 children in Pima County younger than 15 years who don't get regular Bible teaching and statistics show that kids younger than 15 are the most open age group to receive Christ.

In the school year we hold Good News Club®s (GNCs) after school or Saturdays. Children meet one hour per week to see and hear a Bible lesson with an application for saved children and to hear God's invitation to receive Christ. They also enjoy a memory verse game, prayer time, a friendly competitive review game, songs throughout the hour, and refreshments. Children and parents are welcome. These GNCs are held in neighborhoods and public schools in many Pima County school districts.

Christ Community Church sponsors two GNCs at nearby elementary schools. We are excited about these clubs and the children that are coming to Christ as a result of their involvement.