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Chuck and Christine Daly

Chuck and Christine Daly

Wycliffe/JAARS, North Carolina


Chuck is a flight instructor with JAARS. He provides flight and ground school training  preparing new missionary pilots for field service, recurrent training for experienced pilots home on furlough, and evaluation of candidate missionary pilots. Chuck also provides curriculum writing and revisions for JAARS aviation department. The Dalys joined Wycliffe in 1989 and initially went overseas in 1991.

Through the years they’ve served in Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Peru, and at the JAARS Center in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Chuck has enjoyed a variety of ministries— piloting aircraft for translators hard at work in remote jungles and mountains; training others to become missionary pilots; building airstrips; forming partnerships with other missions; and managing aviation operations.

Chris has had the privilege of occasionally typing manuscripts for Bible translators; giving tours of the JAARS Center to help people understand how JAARS supports Bible translation around the world; writing a weekly prayer bulletin; and writing for JAARS.

Birthdays: Chuck-Sep 2; Chris-Jun 29
Wedding anniversary: Jan. 3

Chuck, Chris, Matthew (Sandra), Alaina (Max), and Alexandra Daly
Wycliffe Bible Translators PO Box 628200 Orlando FL 32862-8200