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Equipping Adult Sunday School

Every Sunday

9:00am – 10:15am

Location: 530 S. Pantano Rd. (Family Life Center), Tucson, AZ 85710

Category: Adult Bible Studies | Coordinator: Sarah Over

Location:  Family Life Center (FLC)

Sunday Mornings 9:00a.m.

  • Doubters Welcome
    Teacher - Christopher Barnes, FLC #201
    Doubts trouble us. They can haunt and frighten us. Some doubts come from unan
    swered questions that continuously nibble at the corners of our minds; sometimes doubts come from an inborn skepticism about all things that leak over into our beliefs. In this class, we will explore these questions, these challenges, these attacks. Not only will we seek answers, but we will also discover the origins of many of the claims that undermine the Christian faith and its sourcebook, the Holy Bible. Attendees will be encouraged to bring up the toughest doubts that they cannot shake. The class will be a safe place to question and doubt. We will avoid the superficial cliches like, "You just need to have faith." The goal is to find out whether there is a solid ground for believers to stand upon in the midst of a shaky world.

  • How the NT Writers Used the OT Scriptures (starts January 22)
    Teacher - Pastor Brett Inman, FLC #202
    In Luke 24:25-27, we see Jesus explaining what OT scriptures pointed to him while he walked the road to Emmaus with his disciples. What did Jesus say to them? Which Scriptures did he discuss? How did the Scriptures point to the necessity of his death and glorification? It is not unrealistic to assume that the apostolic writers of the NT follow Jesus' lead, and that they model for us the kinds of connections that Jesus made on the Emmaus road. It is likely, therefore, that we are encountering Jesus' own hermeneutic when we study many of the OT citations and allusions in the NT. Join us as we study these connections.

  • Loving Your Neighbor: Bringing Compassion and Healing to the Abortion Discussion (STARTS Feb.19)
    Teacher - Matt Merrill, FLC #204
    Through this class you will be equipped in how to engage in redemptive conversations with those who have been personally impacted by an abortion, or who are facing an unexpected pregnancy. This 3 week course will give you tools to help you be prepared for moments of ministry in your circle of influence as God opens the doors.  

  • Circle of Friends (Special Needs Class)
     Leader - Linda Salajko, Counseling Room
    Circle of Friends is a Special Needs Ministry for adults. They meet on Sunday mornings during our second service in "section E" (lower right portion of the Worship Center). Following worship in music, they are dismissed to Room C-1 behind the platform for Bible teaching and fellowship. Linda Salajko has a Master’s Degree in Special Education, and has taught at Arizona School for the Deaf & Blind. She has a strong love for the Lord and is committed to making Circle of Friends a safe, loving, and God-centered class for the students. Communion is served in C-1 on Communion Sundays.

Sunday Mornings 10:45a.m.