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Harry & Geri H

Harry & Geri H

Wycliffe Bible Translators, Romania

Mid 2012, Harry and Geri transitioned from Asia Area to SIL's new Global Sign Languages Team. Harry and Geri are both part of the leadership of this Team. Geri is currently serving as the Eurasia and Africa Regional Director. Harry has two roles. He is serving as the Assistant to the Director for the Global Sign Languages Team focusing on training and strategic planning. He is also serving as a senior translation consultant and is training new consultants-in-training (both Deaf and Hearing) in Africa and the Eurasia region. Because of their roles they live in Eastern Europe and are currently living in Oradea, Romania. Harry & Geri want to see more specialists and consultants trained, and translation helps developed for Deaf translators working on translation of the Bible in their own signed languages. They are supporting the work of partners like APSDA (Asia Pacific Sign Language Development Association - a Deaf translation and sign language development organization), DOOR, the Deaf Bible Society and others to help them develop consultants and resources so that these translations can be used by Deaf evangelists to plant Deaf churches and to disciple new believers.

Birthdays: Harry-Oct 2; Geri-Dec15
Wedding anniversary: May 30