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Harry & Geri H

Wycliffe Bible Translators, Dallas, TX

Mid-2012, Harry and Geri transitioned from Asia Area to Wycliffe’s SIL's new Global Sign Languages Team (GSLT). Since 2012, they have served in various leadership and training roles. In April 2022, they moved back to the US, settling in Dallas. Geri is still the Director for the GSLT work in Africa, and Harry is a consultant for innovation and strategic planning, anthropology, scripture engagement and translation. Harry is specifically working with Deaf on Bible translation in the UK and Tanzania. They are both involved in training younger people in administration and consulting, as they continue to work with Deaf and partner organizations around the world on Bible translation, discipleship and education.  

Birthdays: Harry-Oct 2; Geri-Dec15
Wedding anniversary: May 30