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How to Sign a Fillable PDF document

  1. When you come to where your signature is needed, click on the line you want to sign on. This opens the “Sign Document” window.
  2. In the “Sign As”, select the digital identity you want to use to sign this document. Adobe can store multiple digital identities for you. Pick the appropriate one from the list or create a new one (see “creating a new digital ID” below for instructions)
  3. If you select a digital identity that you created and locked with a password, a password box will appear just below the Sign As box. 
  4. In the Appearance drop down, select how you want your signature to appear on the document. You can personalize the look of your signature by following the instructions in the “Personalizing the appearance of your signature” section below.
  5. Below the Appearance section, there may be additional questions to answer, such as the reason for signing.
  6. Click the sign button to finish.
  7. You should be asked to save the document at this point. Save a copy of the signed document for your own records.
  8. Your document has now been successfully signed and time stamped. You are done!