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Mike & Claire Alameda

Mike & Claire Alameda

Corazón Ministries, Tucson

God’s grace and blessings over the past 25 years have allowed Corazón Ministries to grow its Christ-centered, people-oriented missionary outreach to Hispanics and Latinos in many different communities across the United States. Each area of impact for the ministry is focused on sharing the Gospel to men and women, developing leadership, teaching discipleship and Biblical knowledge through fellowship, retreats and conferences, and creating long-lasting Bible studies of God’s Word. 

Beginning as the two-person missionary team of Mike and Claire Alameda and a few prayerful board members in 1994, the ministry has expanded to several missionaries and many national outreach programs. Corazón Ministries continues to work the mission field and looks to the future as God grants guidance and open doors into a booming culture, and people in need of His love, labor and leadership.

Birthdays: Mike-Aug 29; Claire-May 7
Wedding anniversary: Dec 27