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Mike & Michelle Myers

Mike & Michelle Myers

Teen Missions Int'l, Florida


Mike works in the building and maintenance department. He helps oversee the work outside and the building maintenance. He is also in charge of the mechanics shop in which he keeps almost sixty pieces of equipment running, from buses to vehicles to mowers to heavy equipment. He does all of the welding for Teen missions. The Bible School asked if he would teach a course on Mechanics, so he is Professor Mike too! Michelle is a full-time mom but helps with writing, proofing, editing and translating when needed.During the summer months, both lead teams of teenagers together to various parts of the world to minister to those in need, both physically and spiritually.Teen Missions is a pioneer of the concept of providing short-term missions experience for teens with confidence that as young people saw the mission field first-hand, they would see the pressing needs of the world. The first team went out in 1971 and since that time over 42,000 North American youth have assisted with a variety of evangelistic and building projects with over 200 established missions in over 110 countries.The ministry exists to launch youth into lifetime missions involvement by training, discipling and mobilizing them to impact eternity around the world NOW. A large number of its alumni are in full-time Christian ministry serving the Lord worldwide as pastors, teachers, Christian authors and missionaries.Teen Missions is training tomorrow's missionaries today!

Birthdays: Mike-Mar 12; Michelle-Jul 23;
Kenya-Sept 5 ‘04; Isabelle-Dec 29 ‘07; Lily-Aug 31 ‘10; Gabriel-Dec. 27 '14
Wedding anniversary: Jul 4