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The Taste Buds of Gratitude

June 17, 2018 Speaker: Rob Davis Series: For Every Season

Passage: Psalm 34

Community Group Questions: For Every Season - Psalm 34 -"The Taste Buds of Gratitude"

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Psalm 34 is David’s response to God for sparing his life after he was captured by King Achish. Read the story in 1 Samuel 21 to get a complete picture of the historical context of Psalm 34. 

  1. Psalm 34 was written during a season of abundance for David. In general, do you find it easier to seek the Lord during seasons of trial, or during seasons of abundance? Most people would claim that seasons of abundance can be more difficult to regularly seek the Lord. Why do you think that is? 
  1. In the opening verses of Psalm 34, verses 1-3, David declares his intent to offer continuous praise to the Lord, while making his boast in the Lord. As Christians, we often experience discouragement and frustrations in life that can lead to ingratitude. What are some practical ways that we can offer continuous praise to the Lord, even during seasons of discouragement? What do you think it looks like to “boast in the Lord”? 
  1. In verses 4-7, we find the promise of deliverance. Share with your group how you personally have experienced the Lord’s deliverance in your life. Have you expressed your gratitude to Him for His deliverance? 
  1. In verses 8-14, we find the promise of provision, as well as the exhortation to fear the Lord and walk in godliness. David’s words seem to indicate that the favor of the Lord and His rich provisions are reserved for those who fear Him and walk uprightly.  As Christians, how do you think we should go about living this out, without it becoming a bargaining system with God? How can we guard our hearts from improper motivations? 
  1. Verses 15-18 show us the promise of the Lord’s attention. Share with your group about a season of life where you distinctly felt the Lord’s attention. How should we respond during those times when we don’t feel the Lord’s attention as strongly?
  2. In the closing verses of Psalm 34, verses 19-22, David concludes with the promise of the Lord’s protection. Have you experienced His protection in your own life? Have you thanked Him for it? Take inventory of your heart today - would others around you describe you as a grateful person? Can you confidently claim that your soul boasts in the Lord today? Is His praise continually on your lips? If not, what needs to change?

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