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THE Great Wonder of the World

July 29, 2018 Speaker: Rob Davis Series: For Every Season

Passage: Psalm 145

Community Group Questions: For Every Season - Psalm 145 - "The Great Wonder of the World"

Printing Instructions: To print these discussion questions for use in your Community Group or other study, first highlight the text, then right click and select "print" from the dropdown menu that appears.

Read Psalm 145 aloud as a group and then work through the following questions:

  1. Share with your group about the last time you experienced a sense of awe or wonder toward something. When you hear the word ‘wonder,’ what typically comes to mind?


  1. Think back to the time when you first came to a saving relationship with Christ. Are your feelings/emotions/thoughts toward the Lord the same as they were at that time? If not, in what ways have they changed? What has contributed to these changes?


  1. From Psalm 145, we considered 21 different attributes of God, or aspects of His character that make Him wondrous. Consider again this list: Constancy, Power, Graciousness, Greatness, Mercy, Love, Provision, Justice, Patience, Restoration, Nearness, Faithfulness, Salvation, Splendor, Protection, Righteousness, Strength, Works, Kindness, Goodness, and Majesty. Which of these attributes do you need the most at this season of your life?


  1. To help recapture the wonder of God, we suggested three things: See Him in His Word, See Him in His World, and See Him in Our Lives. Which of these three ways typically comes easiest for you? Which do you find to be the most difficult?


  1. Spiritual stagnation happens to all of us! Recapturing wonder and awe of God is perhaps just one strategy for overcoming this challenge. What other things have you done to help either avoid, or correct spiritual stagnation in your personal life?


Take some time to pray together as a group, asking the Lord to refresh your sense of awe and wonder of Him. Ask Him to forgive you for those times and seasons that spiritual stagnation has gone unaddressed.

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