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Born From Above

April 28, 2019 Speaker: Floyd Morgan Series: Stand-Alone Messages

Passage: John 3:1–21

Community Group Questions: John 3:1-21 "Born from Above"

Printing Instructions: To print these discussion questions for use in your Community Group or other study, first highlight the text, then right click and select "print" from the dropdown menu that appears.

This study guide will focus in on the Jesus & Nicodemus conversation. Take time as a group to read John 3:1-21 aloud, and then work through the following questions:

  1. Nicodemus rested in the fact that, as a child of Abraham (being Jewish), he would see the kingdom of God. What are some of the false foundations we can lean on here in America?
  2. Talk about what Jesus meant when He said one must be “born again” or “born from above.” Where else in scripture does it refer to this new life of a true believer? (Romans 6:1-4; 2 Corinthians 5:17)
  3. What is Jesus talking about when He wants us to be, “born again,” and to approach Him like a newborn? (Matthew 18:3-4; Mark 10:14-15)
  4. This concept of being “born of water and the Spirit” in verses 5-7 is difficult to understand, and opinions are all over the map on this one. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these views, and why?
    1. The “water” refers to the natural physical birth (Embryonic fluid).
    2. The “water” refers to baptism. (This one would mean we must be baptized to be saved)
    3. The “water” refers to the repentance & cleansing ministry of John the Baptist.
  5. In the message, it was presented that the salvation process is two-fold. Would you agree?
    1. Repentance (recognizing & turning from sin and unbelief)
    2. Faith (trusting in Christ alone for salvation)
  6. Many research groups say that there is no difference in Born-Again Evangelical Christians and non-Christians, in areas such as:
    -Sex outside of marriage
    -Racial prejudice, and much more.
    Talk about why you agree, or disagree with theologian, John Piper when he says: “The Bible says, that the research, is not finding that born-again people are permeated with worldliness; The Bible says, that the research is finding that the church is permeated by people who are not born again.”
    What does the Bible say about those who have been born again in 1 John? Why should these verses be an encouragement? 1 John 3:9; 1 John 4:7; 1 John 5:4; 1 John 5:18
  7. Besides the three listed below, what are some other ways we can know we are “Born from above?”
    1. Do you believe that Jesus is the only way to God?
    2. Is the reason you exist to please God and bring Him glory?
    3. Do you see fruit in your life that proves you have been transformed?
  8. How could this community group encourage each other when it comes to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to our hurting world?

Prayer suggestion: Thank God for drawing us to Himself and for giving us life from above! Pray also that He would help us to be faithful to share this “good news” with those in our life.

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