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Middle School Missions Blog 2022 (South Tucson)


Corazón Ministries - July 9-16, 2022

Our team will travel to Our Middle School team will be partnering with Corazón Ministries and will spend their mornings working at Healing Grace Christian Church working on some renovation projects and beautifying their campus. In the evenings, the team will host a sports camp for children at Healing Grace Christian Church where they will be able to share the Gospel with the neighborhood kids in attendance.

THURSDAY July 14, 2022

Thank you so much for supporting us as we are almost finished with our Mission Trip! Over the whole week of our trip, we have laid rock in the church’s unfinished landscaped area, painted picnic tables, and painted the exterior of the building. Overall, we have enhanced the appearance of New Creation Bible Church, making it look new and beautiful! We also had five boys go to Pusch Ridge Bilingual Academy (The first private bilingual academy in Tucson) to dig two three-foot holes for two metal bars to start the foundation of a school sign.

     This week’s outreach started with only two kids but has grown to eight children attending. We’ve been playing sports such as soccer, football and more. doing crafts and learning about God. We are experiencing so much joy as we teach these kids about God and sports!

     Over the week we have grown as a team, building relationships, and going out of our comfort zone to make others feel welcome. Even though there have been a few mishaps along the way, we are still pushing through to end the week strong.

     Please keep praying for us as we finish this week. Pray for strength at the worksite, and diligence! Thank you so much Prayer Partners and Sponsors!

Check out our Instagram for pictures!


WEDNESDAY July 13, 2022

Thank you again for being such great donors to our mission trip! On day 3 (Monday) we have started on our work project we have mentioned in our previous emails! The church we are serving at does not have finished landscaping on the perimeter of the church, we are weeding and removing rocks to lay new rock to make the church look more inviting. We also have cleared an area so later we will be able to lay rock, paint, and install benches to the area.

     Today we started our sports camp, which is secretly disguised as a Bible Camp, but is said to be a sports camp because most of the neighbors invited are catholic or another religion. Even though we hosted with only two children attending, we are praying and asking for prayer as we hope more children will come.

     Unfortunately, our youth pastor prize possession, a pineapple-colored fanny-pack, has gone mysteriously gone missing and everyone doesn’t know what happened to it :)! In the kitchen the floors are becoming noticeably clean because of people using their bodies to clean it under the foosball after losing to the other team and scoring no points!

     Please pray as we continue this mission trip for safety, help, and prayer that God would open the door for us to share his word to other unbelievers. Please pray for more children would come to the sports camp and that everyone would be able to enjoy themselves and be able to grow in our relationship with God.

MONDAY July 11, 2022

Thank you for taking the time to pray for us, and financially supporting us. We have safely made it to the church that we are staying at for the week. We are running a sports camp at a church called New Creation. This sports camp is an effort to help more people learn about Gods word and hopefully, come to the church.

     We sent out flyers today advertising the sports camp. Please pray that children come to the sports camp and hear Gods word, to also have fun! Please pray for diligence and strength to be able to work hard at the site. We will be enhancing the outside of the New Creation in hopes that more people will take notice of it and hopefully attend the church. Thank you so much for supporting us as we are adventuring on this mission trip!

     Since the boys did not have a shower the boys made a shower with Tim one of our helpful corazon ministries, which is the non-profit organization we are parenting with. This Sunday we were able to attend a bi lingle church

Here is the link to the Day One Photo Album!

TUESDAY, July 5, 2022

On behalf of the mission trip team we want to thank you for financially or prayerfully supporting us as we are about to go on the trip the following week. This week we will be helping a church and starting a Vacation Bible School over the week where the kids will learn about God and the Bible. This next week we will be sending you daily emails to keep you updated on what is happening each day of the mission trip! This year, thanks to your support, we have raised $1,000 over our goal which will help provide a gift for corazon ministries or sponsors. Please pray for safety, guidance, and good health as we are on our mission trip! Thank you for supporting us!


Please pray:

  • For our team of 18 students and 5 leaders as we spend a week running a VBS camp for the youth of Hispanic families and that the Gospel message will be heard and known by all we speak it to.
  • For diligence and safety as we do work projects in the summer of July when the temperatures hit over 110.
  • For the opportunities for our students to be pushed to grow in their faith as they lead various aspects of our trip.