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CCC History

CCC History


Christ Community Church was established in 1952 by a traveling evangelist and five married couples. Its first building was located at 2555 North Stone Avenue. The church’s first outreach program was a radio ministry, which remained prominent in Tucson throughout the 1950s and 1960s. In 1972 the church vacated its Stone Avenue property and moved to the growing east side of Tucson. The church body contributed sacrificially toward the purchase of its present day site in 1973 and construction of an auditorium and classrooms in 1976. The present day worship center was completed in 1988. The Family Life Center was constructed in two phases and completed in 2005.

Christ Community stands out in the Tucson community for its timeless commitment to expository preaching and upholding of sound doctrine. For more than six decades people have been drawn to the church because of its uncompromising stand on the Bible. This is what makes Christ Community unique in Tucson, and to some extent, unique in all of the United States. In an era when the Christian worldview is collapsing in America, and so many churches are willing to compromise God’s Word, Christ Community has refused to yield from the Bible as its final authority in all matters.

To learn more about the history of Christ Community, purchase a copy of the church’s biography written by Tom Bouman in 2012 as part of the church’s 60th anniversary celebration.


A History of Christ Community Church, Tucson The First 60 Years
By: Thomas J. Bouman
ISBN: 978-1-105-33627-0

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The book is also available to borrow from the church library. A History of Christ Community Church covers key events over 60 years, from the church’s founding by a traveling evangelist, to its re-emphasis on ministry to young families and outreach. Dramatic stories are presented in their historical context, with a focus on the extraordinary people who helped create a worshipful, resilient, and generous church. From Spencer Weddle to Bill Womersley; from Jim Clevenger to Robert Lewis; from Rick vonAlbrecht to Cindyrae Stang; Christ Community Church is built on the prayer and service of God-fearing men and women who set out to reach the Tucson community for Christ.