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First Responders Ministry

First Responders Ministry

First responders put their lives on the line every day for their community and nation. The job of a first responder, both paid and volunteer, is difficult and challenging, both physically and mentally. They need our daily prayers.

Our First Responder ministry is an expression of gratitude for the courageous men and women whose repeated exposure to danger and evil during the routine of their vocational lives is our shield from harm. Our ministry is our deposit into a life from which much has been withdrawn. It is our stewardship.

Getting Involved:

We endeavor to serve these heroes of our community by praying for them regularly, seeking avenues of service which will encourage and enrich their lives and the lives of their families, and seeking opportunities to enhance their spiritual lives and walk with God. This is done through development of personal relationships and regular outreaches to the various first responder communities (fire, police, military, etc.).


Please join us in daily prayer for our First Responders:

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For more information or to get involved, contact Pastor Brett Inman at