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Tech Team

Tech Team

Have you ever seen a really cool production or heard a great song that just sounds perfect and moving and thought, ”how do they do that”? Well, let us show you! If you have experience with any of the positions listed below or a passion to learn, we want to hear from you!


This ministry is very important to our Sunday morning worship, seasonal events and several other events that take place on our campus during the week and throughout the year. If you have experience…GREAT! If all you have is the desire to learn and serve…GREAT! We won’t kid you; this is not an easy task and we believe in pursuing excellence in our offering. That said, we will walk with you and celebrate your success! In addition, this ministry is also responsible for providing CDs of all our services to the prison ministries, missionaries, shut-ins and anyone else who is interested in having a recording.



Aspiring artists welcome!! There are always differing opinions on the use of lighting in worship, but one need only look at the sunset and see why He is called the Father of Lights! We hope to grow this area of our production team and begin utilizing our lighting and stage design in ways that will enhance our worship experience here at CCC by creating visually engaging scenes that complement the music and help draw the congregation into an Almighty encounter!



This ministry is an essential element allowing each service to be shown in the lobby and cry-room concurrent with the service for those who have sick or sad babies. Additionally, many people enjoy remembering special moments such as baptisms, baby dedications, and weddings on video or DVD. We hope to grow this team and expand how we use AV technology and we would welcome you! As with the other areas, training is gladly given, and experience is greatly appreciated. Along with camera operators we are in need of video directors (pics), editors, and graphic designers to help us keep a fresh and current look on our video productions.



This ministry is essential to our worship providing song lyrics to the congregation and worship team. The slides are created ahead of time leaving our volunteers the simple yet very important task of running them for our rehearsals and services. Training will be provided for the systems we use (Pro Presenter) because there are occasions where a crew member may be directed to make alterations to a slide last minute. In addition, this position is responsible for running any videos or DVD’s planned as part of our services. We are finding more and more opportunities for this ministry to be utilized during weddings and funerals, as well giving us an expanded way to serve our congregation and community!