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CCC Reopening Plan

CCC Reopening Plan

Due to Covid-19, our services are at 9:00am & 11:00am to leave time between services to properly sanitize our Worship Center. We are also offering a modified Sunday School for walkers - 5th Grade and Middle and Highschool is also meeting during our 9:00am service. Our Wednesday Night Ministries has been suspended until further notice. Please look over our 3-phase reopening plan chart below to read our current safety measure and church programming. 

September 13, 2020

Dear CCC Family,

   We give praise and glory to God that due to steadily decreasing Covid 19 rates in Arizona and the improving conditions of our state, we are now ready to safely move into PHASE 2 of our reopening plan as a church. We’re so thankful for the tremendous help of our volunteer teams, for the leadership of our pastors and staff, and for the willingness of those in attendance to participate in best practices that help to keep us safe as we worship together and continue opening up.

   As we move into Phase 2 of our plan, we want you to know that we will continue making every effort to protect the health and safety of those who attend. Our worship services will continue to meet at 9:00am and 11:00am, allowing for time between the services for proper sanitization. When you come to our Worship Center, you’ll find helpful greeters and ushers that can direct you to one of our blue-tapped sections of the pews, designed to space household groups 6 ft. apart across the Worship Center. We still require face coverings for those who attend our services when we move, socialize, and especially when we sing. However, in Phase 2, we are allowing face coverings to be relaxed when participants are seated at a safe distance, such as during the sermon time.

   For the time being, we encourage you to replaced handshakes and hugs with smiles and waves. Rather than pass the offering plate, we’ve set up offering receptacles at the back of the Worship Center. Our communion elements are prepared in a sanitary fashion and are served to individuals by ushers wearing gloves.

   A modified version of our Sunday School program for walkers-5th grade is now open during our 9am service. Our volunteers wear PPE and engage in best practices for safety. For kids sitting through the service, we want to support families by providing worship activity bags for kids and welcoming children to “move around a bit” when they get restless along the way. Our cry room will be open and available as well.

   In Phase 2, our high school and middle school students are meeting mid-week in small groups, and our Community Groups for all ages are open and gathering in homes throughout the city. In each of these group settings, we are implementing best practices for safety. Other church activities and events will resume on a case by case basis, with caution, as we are able.

   CCC, thank you for your patience and grace as we continue to open up as a church. We marvel at God’s merciful provision in keeping us safe so far in this process, and we welcome your prayers for guidance and wisdom as we press on with the strength of the Lord!


CCC Elders