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Galo & Joanne Vasquez

Galo & Joanne Vasquez

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Vela Ministries, Mexico


Vela Ministries, under the leadership of Galo Vasquez, has been involved in the development of Vision 20/20 which is a national plan of evangelism to take advantage of the new open doors to preach the Gospel and establish new churches across Mexico. Galo also spends a great deal of time working alongside Franklin Graham in outreach festivals and relief projects sponsored by the Billy Graham Association and Samaritan's Purse. In late 2007 these agencies were instrumental in assisting the victims left behind by the hurricane FELIX in Nicaragua. However, their ministry is not limited to Mexico. They continue to train and empower Christian leaders across Latin America for the work of evangelism.

Birthdays: Galo-Jul 1; Joanne-Feb 14
Wedding anniversary: Apr 18