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Lambert and Doris Anderson

Lambert and Doris Anderson

Wycliffe Bible Translators—Peru

The Andersons have dedicated their lives to some 50,000 Ticuna natives located in the Amazon jungle in Peru, Colombia and Brazil. For over 58 years Lambert and Doris have worked alongside Ticuna partners to translate and publish the Word of God in their native tongue. The highlights of their efforts are the published Ticuna New Testament and 40% of the Old Testament in a book of selected portions,. The first draft of the remaining 60% of the Old Testament has been done by a team of three trained Ticunas who are university graduates. The Anderson’s present project is to work with the Ticuna translation team on the checking of the drafts of the remainder of the Old Testament to prepare it for publication. At the same time they are working on the Ticuna/Spanish dictionary which is in the final stages for publication. In 1996 Ticuna pastors and leaders in Cushillococha requested the Andersons’ help to initiate the Ticuna Bible Institute which trains Ticunas annually (168 students in 2016) for ministry. Students, some from villages hundreds of miles away, come to attend the Institute’s program of four cycles of intensive studies. Following each 9-week cycle the students return to their villages to put into practice what they have learned. Upon graduation they go out equipped as pastors, Sunday School teachers and spiritual leaders to teach others of salvation in Christ Jesus using the translated Scriptures and teaching materials. In 2010 a second Bible Institute was initiated in the distant Ticuna village of Betania, Brazil in answer to a request of pastors and authorities from there. This past year it had 35 students.

Wycliffe Bible Translators: P.O. Box 628200, Orlando FL 32862

Lambert and Doris spend approximately half the year in Peru and the other half in Tucson, Arizona, as members of Christ Community Church.

Birthdays: Lambert-Mar 15; Doris-Dec 18
Wedding anniversary: Jun 2



A deligation from CCC traveled to the Amazon jungles of Peru in 2023 to witness the Ticuna Bible Dedication. The printing of the fully-translated Ticuna Bibles are the culmination of the life work of Doris and Lambert Anderson. We’re put together a video that captures the highlights of the trip, the dedication ceremony, and God’s marvelous work among the Ticunas.