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Marriage Tune Up Conference


Are you looking for a chance to get away with your spouse and focus on strengthening your marriage?  Our Marriage Tune Up Conference will inspire couples in every season of marriage, through the uplifting teaching of Jeff and Debby McElroy.

Jeff and Debby provide a humorous, enjoyable, and spiritual “tune-up” dedicated to tearing down walls and building couples up.  As speakers, authors and award-winning actors, Jeff and Debby, have a unique way of mixing their entertaining creativity with wit, wisdom, honesty and spiritual insight that will leave you with more than just information. You will experience a landmark moment in your marriage.

"I have known Jeff and Debby Mcelroy for several years. Their ministry in the area of marriage and family is powerful. Their creative skills yielded to the Lord have wakened many a sleepy marriage. I wholeheartedly recommend their ministry."  Dr. Gary Chapman, Author of "The Five Love Languages"


October 19-20, 2018
Who: Married Couples and Singles
Where: Christ Community Church
When: Friday, October 19 - Saturday, October 20| Begins Friday at 6PM|Ends Saturday at 12:45pm
Cost: $50 per couple, $25 for individuals



Friday, October 19
   > 6:00pm - Registration & Light Dinner
   > 7:00pm - Session 1 (Personality Differences)
   > 8:40pm - Session 2 (Communication)
   > 9:45pm - Dismiss

Saturday, October 20
   > 8:00am - Breakfast
   > 9:00am - Worship
   > 9:25am - Session 3 (Conflict Resolution)
   > 11:00am - Session 4 (Intimacy)
   > 12:00pm - Session 5 (Spiritual Unity)
   > 12:45pm - Dismiss

The Marriage Tune-Up Conference offers you the unique chance to tune up and celebrate your marriage in a relaxed atmosphere filled with laughter, insight, and interaction with your spouse.

Jeff and Debby McElroy, founders of Forever Families, Inc., have designed this conference to be unlike any other you've attended on marriage. They have used their experience on the national speaking circuit to craft a powerful message with…

Let's face it. We don't get the chance to laugh enough. That won't be a problem this weekend. As Jeff and Debby share their look at marriage, you'll find your ribs hurting – either from laughing so hard, or from your spouse elbowing you! You'll be amazed at how, in the midst of hilarious, engaging laughter, you'll find deep…

Insight into each other, insight into your marriage, but even more important, insight into how God is at work through many of the very things that seemed like road blocks in your relationship. Jeff and Debby's back & forth teaching style will allow you to see and hear it from both the husband and wife's point-of-view with…

Straight Talk.
No psycho-babble. No abstract theories. Just plain talk from the heart of their marriage to the heart of yours. Jeff and Debby are real. They are transparent about their own struggles and how God has used those struggles to strengthen their relationship. Jeff and Debby want you to walk away with more than just information, they want you to leave knowing you've had a life-changing…

Throughout the conference, Jeff and Debby will use their award-winning dramas and comedies to allow you to see the teaching anchored in everyday life. They'll give you time to share with each other. To make memories. To experience something you'll refer back to for years as a landmark weekend in your marriage.