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Tim and Angela Mitchell

Tim and Angela Mitchell

Send International


Website: Tim & Angela - Send International

     The Mitchell family sees God at work in their lives, calling them to work among the people of Ukraine, specifically in the areas of theological education, hospitality, and family level mentorship. Timothy will be working as a Professor of New Testament at Kyiv Theological Seminary, teaching and mentoring Ukrainian students, pastors, and ministry leaders. He will continue to pursue research and publication in academic journals and other academic outlets.

     Angela will be working to make connections with the seminary students and families, through friendship, hosting, and mentorship. An open door of hospitality is so appreciated among students and their young families and often is a part of the mentoring process.

Birthdays: Tim 3/26; Angela 9/28; Emma 8/29; Eliza 7/19; Jason 4/23; Levi 1/21
Wedding anniversary: 10/14